Empowering you to develop a leadership mindset through <b><u>emotional intelligence</u></b>
my mission

Empowering you to develop a leadership mindset through emotional intelligence

My name is Mohamed Hammoud and my mission is to help entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business leaders strengthen their ability to influence others, grow their leadership skills, and scale their businesses.

With a unique background in transformative leadership, diversity and inclusion, I simplify emotional intelligence to help you transform into a heart-centred leader capable of involving others in decision-making, using your influence to help them grow, and inspiring them to become better leaders themselves.

If you're ready to lead with more clarity, set and achieve your goals, and unleash your leadership potential, let me show you how.

get clear on your vision and goals

Leading with Clarity and Purpose

Gain clarity

to define your understanding of yourself in the present moment

Build confidence

to shape your attitudes and beliefs about your abilities and strengths

Develop courage

and strength to confront and work through your challenges

Stay consistent

and build momentum to form healthy habits

Remain committed

and loyal to your outcomes

Connect with community

and form meaningful relationships based on trust and accountability

the power of emotional intelligence

Develop healthy habits to start leading with clarity


Empowering teams and organizations to excel



Role-model core values, align strategy with vision and goals, and foster inclusion.

Define strategy & culture



Build trust and cohesion on teams across the organization.

Build trust & accountability


Involve Others

Let people weigh in so they buy in to your vision and mission.

Engage & empower teams

involve | influence | inspire

Successful leaders add value to others
more than they value success for themselves

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